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Welcome to the official website of David Paul. The greatest talk show host who has ever lived. Coming to you live from Cartersville, GA. 

David Paul 
Producer / Director 

David Paul
AM 750 WSB

I, David Paul, possibly the greatest talk show host who has ever lived, hosted 'Off The Wall w/ David Paul'. The reason I say that is, a few of you come to this site reminiscing about the good old days at WSB before it turned into the bore that it is today. 

The above is a pic I made for a show that I may do someday. Make sure you join my Facebook page. You can find the link on this page, and to those who decided to look me up after all these years, Thank You. 
David Paul

 Cartersville UNCUT
Friday Night at 8 PM
Comcast Channel 25
Seen in: Bartow, Cherokee,
and Forsyth County

David Paul   got his start in television production many years ago making infomercials for car dealers. As both a writer and producer, David Paul has been involved in over 150 video productions.

Cartersville UNCUT, the weekly television show co-produced by David Paul, aired its first episode in February, 2010, and has been airing ever since.  UNCUT  has the largest Facebook following in the county.

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David Paul

Currently, I produce a couple of cable TV shows; Cartersville UNCUT and Midnight Hour Pet Rescue. One of my favorite quotes: 'Inventing a job is better than finding a job'. That is my work philosophy. So, I created a couple of shows, and I enjoy the heck out of it.

Midnight Hour Production LLC
My Production Company
David Paul


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